What will it look like when it is built?

Garage Conversion 3D RenderingThis is one of the most difficult aspects in considering either a Custom Home floorplan or Remodeling/Renovation project.
Hinman Construction uses helpful 3D design software to illustrate graphically exactly what a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project will look like even before we begin to build it……….we can use the site landscaping, exterior and interior materials, wallpaper, paint, tile, floor coverings, cabinetry, counter tops, appliances, furniture and furnishings, etc., to accurately depict every aspect of the proposed construction.
Garage to living room after5The CAD program is one of the most accurate and intelligent ways of making absolutely certain that you can get “exactly what you want” within your budget.  Once modeled and illustrated, we produce an extremely accurate scope of work that matches the project design budget.  No matter who designs your proposed new home, we can produce a 3-D rendering and presentation of each and every exterior or interior feature that you intend to use.

Once “modeled”, using our rendering software, we can “walk” your through the entire house before construction even begins.  This also allows us to perfect the floorplan relative to furniture placement along the walls and determine if any of the windows or doors will impact your decorating desires…….if so, we can plan the changes before construction begins……and thus, eliminate costly “Change Orders” later.

Garage to living room after3“If you are looking to do any kind of construction or remodeling look no further than Hinman Construction. Both Kim and Jami are professional, courteous, extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Also there are no surprises, everything is discussed and communicated from the projects start to completion. Plus the work is top notch, from Jami and his workers. You will not be disappointed with the results. The finishing work is excellent! We are extremely pleased with our garage remodel. Thanks again Kim and Jami!”

Ciro and Teri