Spring into Exterior Remodeling Projects

Trex Deck and Screened Porch Addition

Upgrade your home’s curb appeal this spring with these exterior remodeling projects.

Is your home ready for spring, ready to entertain over those long summer evenings, ready for barbecues and lounging? If the answer is no or you haven’t thought about it, you might want to entertain the idea of exterior remodeling.

Here are a few remodeling projects to consider this spring.

Paved patios and patio covers

Your patio should be the center of attention in the summer months, and it should feel inviting. Patio paving is a great way to create a solid surface for cooking or dancing in your backyard. It even cuts down on grass irrigation, if you’re watching your water bill.

Once you have paved your patio, having a patio cover could also prove to be beneficial. Since spring weather is especially wonderful in the mornings, why not start your day enjoying your coffee and breakfast outside? With a patio cover you’ll avoid excessive sun exposure and stay comfortable outdoors.

Exterior painting

Does your house look blue? I mean, sad? A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. It’s a great way to revitalize or update your home and boost its curb appeal.

Whether you’re staying in your home or ready to sell, painting will increase the home’s overall value. Exterior painting can also be the most inexpensive home improvement that will change the entire appearance of your home and living environment.

Stucco installation and repair

Spring is a good time to install or repair stucco siding. Stucco siding is a versatile, affordable and durable material. Stucco can be finished to a smooth or rough texture. Using stones and other objects, you can give the stucco a unique look. Stucco is highly resistant to fire, compared to other sidings, and it can last up to 50 years.

Prioritizing spring remodeling projects

While figuring out which exterior improvement project to tackle first can be difficult, try to think of which project you have been wanting to do the most and what suits your budget best. Consider which areas badly need the work.

Most importantly, hire a reputable contractor to complete the home improvements. Do your research so your dream renovations don’t become disasters.

This article was originally published at Angie’s List.