Sister Spaces

Recently, I read an article about “Sister Spaces.” When we design, we don’t do it one room at a time – every room flows into the next, and today’s homeowner is looking to incorporate more into the adjoining spaces. So much can be hidden in plain sight when we plan these sister spaces right from the start!

This sister space concept is so true in many of our projects, and so today we thought we would share this Saratoga area project we’re currently working on! Here you can see we custom made shiplap barn doors for this homeowner’s kitchen area to hide the adjoining laundry. Also, we installed a custom pullout shelf to fit into the narrow space between the laundry and the double oven.

This corner is just a small part of our current project “Farm House Remodel”. It’s difficult to contain our enthusiasm on this one, and soon, we will have much to show you as final finishes. But for now, this preview will have to do. Enjoy!

Kim Hinman
Hinman Construction