Should I Add a Mudroom to My House?

With the right mudroom ideas, your entryway can not only keep dirt outside, but help you stay organized.

Many newer homes have a mudroom, an area inside an entryway where you take off outdoor items before entering the house.

Originally meant for those in cold climates to shed heavy winter gear, these mudroom areas can be useful in any climate to help keep the rest of the house clean. With the right mudroom furniture, you can organize a landing space for coats, backpacks and shoes.

Adding a mudroom to your home can help make your life simpler and even increase your home’s value, especially with the right mudroom storage. Here are some advantages of adding a well-organized mudroom:

Keep dirt outside with a mudroom

A mudroom’s primary job is keeping dirt, mud and debris from reaching your home’s main areas. It will save you the hassle of cleaning your carpets constantly.

In the winter, quarantining snow, ice and salt can be challenging. A mudroom helps keep the mess contained and off your carpet. By taking off your shoes in the entry, you ensure all the dirt, slush and mud stays well away from your carpets and hardwood floors.

Organize work, school supplies with mudroom furniture

Mudroom furniture provides a convenient area to organize supplies such as coats, shoes, bags, backpacks, keys, scarves and gloves before they’re strewn about the house.

Mornings can be hectic with everyone running around trying to find all of the day’s essential supplies. But mudroom storage, such as cubbies, baskets, shoe racks and coat hooks for each family member, can keep you on schedule. These mudroom ideas will keep all your on-the-go supplies in one place and can help make your morning routine less frantic.

Mudroom cabinets can increase your home’s value

Adding a mudroom can increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. A well-designed entry looks inviting and welcoming to prospective buyers. Also, buyers are always looking for organization and storage space, so well-organized mudroom cabinets can really draw them in.

Money-saving mudroom perks

Mudrooms can save you money. By keeping dirt off your main carpets and flooring, they will last years longer than if they were constantly exposed to grime. That means you won’t have to shell out money to clean or replace flooring as often.

Because mudrooms block cold air from entering the living area of your home, you’ll also save on heating costs. And the nature of the mudroom — a transitional space from inside to outside — means it doesn’t need to be heated.

Mudroom design decisions

Mudroom ideas are extremely versatile, and your design choices are countless. Far from dark, dank rooms tucked away in an unwelcoming corner of the home, these entry rooms can exude a feeling of warmth.

When creating one, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to maximize the utility of your mudroom:

  • Place an energy-efficient door between the mudroom and the rest of the house to help keep outside air locked in the entry room.
  • Stick to tough, heavy duty flooring materials — such as slate and dark-colored tile — that will stand up to use and are easily cleaned.
  • Mudroom storage is key. Cubbies or cabinets, baskets, hooks and shelves will keep your items organized. Top it off with a functional mudroom bench, and you’re all set.

Adding a mudroom can be a great addition to a home, saving you time, money and helping to keep everything in its place.

This article was originally published at Angie’s List.