Open Plan Not Your Thing? Try ‘Broken Plan’

Open-plan living has been one of the biggest trends in our homes in recent decades. Indeed, knocking down walls can create a sense of space, light, sociability and fluidity that many of us love. But open-plan layouts can reduce privacy and quiet spots, as well as useful walls against which to place furniture. You may also struggle to ignore that pile of dishes you see out of the corner of your eye during TV binges on the sofa (at least with a wall between you and the kitchen, you can pretend it isn’t there). Welcome, then, to a slow, steady move toward a compromise: broken-plan living. But what exactly is it?
Scandinavian Living Room by helsingHouse Fastighetsmäklare
Broken-plan means keeping the things you love about open-plan, but also letting your rooms retain an element of privacy and specific use.

By dividing your overall space more subtly — using half walls, smart shelving, split levels, internal windows and other clever tricks — and creating breakout zones for privacy and relaxing, it’s perfectly possible to hold on to an appealing sense of light and space, but also to escape distraction from the loved ones you live with (and the undone cleaning) when the mood takes you.

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