New in 2016 – Timber Curtain Wall Systems

As an alternative to standard aluminum storefront systems, Pacific presents the curtain wall system with wood interior. This system is ideal for applications where one desires a structural window wall with the warmth and richness of wood on the interior, such as high-end residential, boutique retail, or hospitality projects, with the durability and low-maintenance of aluminum or wood cap on the exterior.

When viewed from the exterior, the curtain wall system from Pacific Architectural Millwork resembles typical aluminum storefront, with nearly unlimited configurations and multiple aluminum and wood cap options. The wood interior can be milled out of any species, and is engineered according to the structural and performance needs of the opening. Testing data is available upon request.

Once the framework of the curtain wall is established, the openings can be glazed with any fixed or operable units, including casements, awnings, doors, Lift & Slides, and Folding View-Wall systems. The openings can also be glazed with exterior aluminum panels and interior wood panels.

*Custom options such as exterior louvers, switch glass, and curved wood interiors are available

If you are interested in learning more about this process, visit Pacific Architectural Millwork online for more information.