Monday Motivation

When planning for a kitchen remodel, figuring out how to clean up your counter space is crucial. No one wants to have their toaster, coffee pot, accessories of any kind, out on display anymore.

Searching for a remodeler who will help with the design process and building process is a struggle these days. For Hinman Construction, we work in a two part system, which you can read on the “Our Process” page to get more in depth. In our first part design retainer, we measure all the spaces that are being touched, and go on all the shopping trips to help pick out appliances, lights, counter tops. Everything. The reason we do this is to relieve any surprises along the way. For both parties. Especially for our onsite managers. Also, during the design process, we go through every cabinet and each design for that specific cabinet. For example, where the spice rack is going….

Now on to that Monday Motivation we are all excited for. Clearing up counter space. Check out these fun spice rack ideas. Installed in a drawer, next to the Stove for easier access. There are many options for drawers and storage, we are showing three from our recent kitchen remodels. For more on storage and specialty items, check out our Cabinet line Greenfield Cabinetry  

Spice Storageblue cabinets with pullout spice rack