LEDs come home

Residential lighting is an application that puts LED replacement lamps to the test—many tests actually. Light quality that we might accept in less demanding environments, like offices, supermarkets, or parking garages, is not good enough for our homes, where it’s closer and affects us more noticeably. LED technology has changed significantly in the past two years, and now there are many excellent products with warmer colors and high color rendering that are ideal for all residential applications. Consumers can get the best of both worlds: excellent light quality and an astounding 80 percent energy savings, with much longer lamp life.

The availability of a full range of high-quality LED products means that designers and homeowners can focus on the important aspect of home lighting—design. According to internationally acclaimed residential lighting designer and author Randall Whitehead, the best residential lighting design is for people first, and interiors and objects second. This means creating the right balance between many different layers of light—ambient, task, decorative, and accent.

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