Hubbardton Forge lighting

In an age when companies are increasingly moving their manufacturing and service offshore, lighting manufacturer Hubbardton Forge is steadfastly committed to designing, manufacturing and serving its customers from under one roof in Castleton, Vermont.

For more than 40 years, Hubbardton Forge artisans continue to hand-craft their products, one at a time, right in Vermont. According to Bob Dillon, CEO, “We feel manufacturing domestically allows a level of responsiveness to customers we couldn’t otherwise provide, enables partnerships between departments creating a better workplace, keeps well-paying jobs in the U.S.A. and helps to strengthen our local economy.”

Starting as just a concept, a team of talented designers brings a design to life as it travels through the prototype phase, where it is carefully engineered to Hubbardton Forge’s exacting specifications. The lamp form is then bent and shaped in the flames of the forge by a team of Vermont craft forgers.

After forging, each piece is meticulously welded, and the designer’s sculptural intent begins to emerge from the bars of steel. More hands take the piece through an innovative bioremediation wash process. Then, each piece is finished with a low VOC powder coat paint process. In assembly, products are carefully hand-built and packed for their final destination to the customer’s door. Although a number of processes that go into creating the lighting could easily be outsourced, Hubbardton Forge firmly believes that being American Made means that each and every piece is made with pride, to the highest standards of quality.

Recognized for quality, grace and simplicity, Hubbardton Forge lighting and accessories are specified by architects and designers internationally. As one of the oldest and largest contemporary commercial forges in the United States, Hubbardton Forge offers timeless designs, built to last for generations, using socially and environmentally responsible methods.

Hubbardton Forge’s 2015 LED product line includes:

FLUX Pendant

The vintage platinum Flux pendant is a stunning sculptural piece, intertwining polished aluminum forms with three edge-lit LED light guides, dimmable and cable hung.


A linear dedicated LED pendant beautifully highlights the leaf-like forged elements that distinguish the Folio family. It is lit by rows of LEDs through a horizontal guide plate creating a wash of up and down light.


Layered curving plates of steel, reminiscent of a rolling hill landscape, are lit by rows of LEDs through a horizontal guide plate creating a smooth flow of up and down light.


Named after the planar surface of the LED guide plate, this family of products was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home. The geometric interplay of lit, glowing planes and steel surfaces that are both heavily textured and smooth embraces the function of LED with the transitional arts and crafts aesthetic and the Hubbardton Forge brand.


Polished aluminum rods pierce through the glowing edge lit LED guide plate creating an ethereal blend of light and shadow. The smaller pendant is cable hung to give the appearance of the fixture floating in midair.