How to Know If an Open Bathroom Vanity Is for You

Ask yourself these 9 questions to learn whether you’d be happy with a vanity with open, or no, shelves

by Becky Harris

Are you open to an open vanity? Before we get started on the topic, let me tell you that after researching all the ways to make them work, I definitely am not. Or at least not until after I get some intense sessions of life coaching. Every time I try to shut the vanity door beneath my sink, I have to try to do it as quickly as possible, because a heating pad, cosmetic bag, hair dryer, washcloths and a bunch of other stuff are all doing their best to escape to the floor. Inevitably, some cord or another is hanging out and I just live with that, because if I try to open the door and shove it back in, more stuff will fall out. It’s the best I can do.

However, if, as you are reading this, you’re thinking, “Phew, at least my vanity isn’t as bad as hers,” you may be a good candidate for an open vanity. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider it.