Hiring a Pro vs. Managing Your Project Yourself

It can be tempting to be your own manager for your remodeling projects. After all, you can save a lot of money by not hiring a professional, and you may feel that you need to be in complete control of your project in order for it to turn out the way that you want.  But here are some things you need to consider before you decide not to hire a professional remodeling company:

Managing Projects as a Non-Professional

Construction professionals and general contractors often have literally decades of experience in the construction business. They know what to do not just when things go right, but also what to do when things go wrong. When disaster strikes, you’ll want somebody in charge who knows what they’re doing, who’s seen it all before, and can take anything in stride and complete your project on time, on budget, and to specifications. Having a professional manage your remodeling or construction project is one of the easiest ways to reduce the stress of a major construction project.

Be Wary of Independent Contractors

Working with a general contractor means that you’re hiring a network of vetted professionals. Any construction company worth their salt has a team of professionals for almost any job, and what they can’t complete in-house they’ll turn to their tested and trusted associates for. Your general contractor has a stake in getting every detail right; after all, if their electrician’s wiring doesn’t work, it’s on them to fix it. When you manage your project yourself, you take on the role of finding reliable help, and the headaches when your subcontractors aren’t doing their job.

In addition, a hired subcontractor has no interest in you past your project’s completion. When you hire a plumber to install pipes in your new bathroom, he’s just there to put pipes in. If the vanity won’t fit and the layout has to be rearranged, he doesn’t care – he just wants his paycheck. A good general contractor develops a relationship with you – and we want to know that your project is fulfilling your dreams! That’s why at Hinman Construction we have a warranty on all of our projects.  Our projects are built right the first time, and if anything does go wrong, we make sure to fix it. We’re just as invested in your construction or remodeling project as you are!

Concept to Completion

Having a general contractor manage your project offers you something that no other workflow does: being able to work with the same people from concept to completion. When you manage your project yourself, you may have to commission building plans from an architecture firm, then hire a framer, and an electrician, and a plumber, and a drywaller, and a painter, and a cabinetmaker, and an interior decorator, and on and on. Each of these people has a slightly different idea in mind for your completed project – and their ideas may look surprisingly different than what you had in mind!

When you work closely with one company from concept to completion, you streamline the entire project. Instead of having to explain your vision to every new subcontractor, your project manager handles everything and ensures that your project is completed to your specifications. You and your contractor can develop a solid working relationship, with your contractor getting to know your likes, dislikes, and working style. Working concept to completion with one company ensures that your project turns out the way you want it!

Ready to Start?

Hinman Construction is here to make your project the very best it can be. We have over 20 years’ experience building and remodeling kitchens, baths, and any other construction project you can imagine, and we are 100% committed to excellence in everything that we do. When you’re ready to begin your construction or remodeling project, we’re here to help make your dreams happen!

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