The Ferry House Project

Historic Dutch home in upstate NY also known as “Visher Ferry Homestead” was the original home located on the Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway on the Mohawk River. Built in early 18th Century, this home was recently purchased by a young Dutch couple who had relocated from the Netherlands. They were attracted to the original Dutch characteristics of the home. It was their wish to remodel one of the original sections of the home where it joined a newer (1950’s era addition) and open it up for a more inviting area for cooking, dining and relaxing. The challenge was to redesign the kitchen so it would be more accommodating to their needs. “Anouk”, a chef by trade had specific ideas for her kitchen. Layout and lighting were very important along with specific areas for pastry prep, a Juice bar area as well as a ventilated cooking area. Simple style needed to work with the older characteristics of the home. Open shelving, simple subway tile, transitions from old to new needed to flow and work with floor, walls, cabinets, countertops and fixtures. Hiding in the old walls were some interesting details that were incorporated into the project. The first step was to prepare a 3D CAD Design(We use Chief Architect Premier) with color 3D Pre-View renderings to provided the visuals needed to confirm design direction and scope.

One of the biggest challenges was coordinating the custom details and scope of work of this unique project with the budget allotted for the construction phases of the project. A monumental task was undertaken by removing the existing mudbase tile floors that ran throughout the existing kitchen into the newer space. Upon removal it was discovered that the previous owner had poured concrete 3”-6” varying depths with wire lath over the existing wide plank pine. A challenge even for an experienced professional . Mission was accomplished. However, upon removal we needed to devise a way to level the floors between the rooms and ready it for upcoming 12 x 24 Porcelanosa tile. This was definitely a work in progress and required implementation of some uniquely creative installation techniques. Additionally, 200 year + wideplank floor was discovered under carpet and determined worthy of saving. It was re-milled, additional floor joist framing was added between the original beams to remove deflection in the floor and the floor was reinstalled, sanded and finished in place.  Patience, skill and experience were all tested. As seen in finished photos, it came together beautifully.

Project Location: Rexford (Clifton Park) NY 12065

Ferry House Kitchen During Process 4With the removal of the wall of bookcases and cabinetry, the space was now bright and open for a kitchen that was a pleasure to cook in. Additional LED lighting under shelves and cabinetry and over the island changed what was once a dark cave to a well lit , organized work space.

The kitchen was designed with full custom cabinets to accommodate the unique spaces involved in the remodel. There is a separate area for pastry prep with a marble countertop section. A corner cubby area for the juice/breakfast /coffee bar.

A down draft   cooktop with new gas line was installed in the island and vented through the existing myriad of beams, framing, heat ducts, old stone foundation and other restrictions. A large expansive open work space.

The custom wood “New Yorker” cabinets, Carerra Marble and Concrete countertops, subway tile, Porcelanosa floor tile, Re-milled hardwood and original brick and mortar expansive fireplace came together and transformed the space into a beautiful area where old meets new and blends together to form a more perfect union   of color, style and history.

A remodel can be stressful , especially when you realize you have strangers moving into your home for anywhere from a few days to a few months. A good working relationship between contractor and homeowner is important.

Whether you are Building an addition, remodeling a kitchen or bath, clear lines of communication, specific goals, clearly defined budgets and scope of work are important. We help our customers to visualize it all with a 3D “Pre-View” rendering to show detail needed to understand and confirm each project prior to construction. We take great pride in our lengthy list of customer references and enjoy the pride of accomplishment that goes along with it. At Hinman Construction we love what we do and it shows.