Fall in Love with these Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Let the sun in a little:

A skylight in the shower? Why not? Unless you’re worried about jets at 32,000 feet seeing you in your birthday suit, a skylight over the shower or bath is a great way to bring in natural light–and to naturally mitigate any mold and mildew growth.

Create a secret nook for your bathtub

This bathroom decorating idea brings architect-quality casement windows nearly to tub height, so that the bather can read magazines or books…or merely enjoy the view.

You’re looking at an acrylic pedestal tub with a side-mounted fixture. Eschewing the clawfoot tub’s claws, pedestal tubs come in two sections for easier delivery and installation.

Take advantage of your space

Where the ceiling reaches below standing-height, this homeowner has placed the bathtub (who needs to stand in a bathtub anyway?). “His and her” pedestal sinks are split up by several feet. A natural-finish pine floor gives this bathroom the clean, healthy feeling of a spa or sauna.

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