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Should I Add a Mudroom to My House?

With the right mudroom ideas, your entryway can not only keep dirt outside, but help you stay organized. Many newer homes have a mudroom, an area inside an entryway where you take off outdoor items before entering the house. Originally meant for those in cold climates to shed heavy winter gear, these mudroom areas can…
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Hinman-New Mudroom

Mudroom Ideas That Offer Style for All Seasons

Organize your entryway and create an attractive, welcoming space with customized mudroom furniture and storage solutions. Is the entry to your home a chaotic pileup of jackets, backpacks, phone chargers and life’s other essentials? Typically a small room or entryway, a mudroom is the first place guests may see when they come to visit. By…
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Hinman-Snow Day Home Improvements

6 Snow Day DIY Home Improvement Projects

This past August, the 2017 Farmer’s Almanac hit store shelves with some bold predictions for the upcoming winter. Most of the country is expected to experience frigid winter temperatures and an abundance of snow. While many of us don’t mind an occasional snow day to do absolutely nothing at home, the appeal fades quickly as…
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The 7 Best Home Improvements You’ll Ever Make

If you’re the type of homeowner who loves to lavish a little TLC on your home in the form of some smart renovations, the question remains: What are the very best home improvements to make? Whether you’re looking for a great return on investment or just something you’ll enjoy without breaking your back or bank account, check out this…
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What’s the Best Kitchen Flooring for You?

Homeowners love obsessing over every inch of their kitchens, from backsplashes to their Sub-Zero fridge. Yet one home improvement you should ponder more carefully is right beneath your feet: the flooring. What’s the best kitchen flooring to have in your home? The truth is there are many types and varieties of kitchen flooring, and each…
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What to Expect with a Remodeling Consultation

Do you want a 3D design of your dream kitchen remodel or a drawing scribbled on paper? Not all remodeling consultations come with the same scope of service, so before you agree to a consultation for your remodeling job, make sure to understand what you’ll get. Is the consultation a telephone call? A visit? Both?…
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Easy Ways to Eat Well During a Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your home can sometimes make you feel like you’ve gone off the grid—and not in a fun, life-affirming way. When you lose the use of your stove and/or refrigerator, meals devolve into an endless slog of takeout, which gets old and expensive fast. I’ve been there: During a recent kitchen renovation in my home, my trusty kitchen appliances were moved out to our…
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Worried About Dust from Remodeling?

Learn whether your contractor needs to follow a new OSHA rule for silica hazards. If they create dust, they probably do. What remodeling jobs require silica protection? Jobs where silica dust is airborne only briefly do not fall under the rule. Workers generate airborne silica for hours to reach the OSHA regulations’ limit. The most likely…
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