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5 Tips to avoid the Contractor from Hell

Adriana Velez of hired the contractor from hell, and things went downhill from there. Her advice to help keep you from meeting the same fate is solid. If your contractor can’t produce their license and tries to discourage you from checking their bcakground, well, you’re most likely better off finding someone else to do…
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3 Ways to Balance a White Kitchen

Consider color, contrast and wood to keep a white space from feeling cold White continues — and will continue — to be the overwhelmingly popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Some 42 percent of homeowners will choose white cabinets this year, according to a recent Houzz study on kitchen trends. But the choices you make in…
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Make the Most of a Compact Kitchen

A kitchen has to run smoothly to be livable (and likeable). Each component in a compact kitchen must be perfectly planned, from the layout to the appliances, and all must work cohesively to overcome the limitations of cooking in a confined space. This means that designing a small kitchen can often take longer than planning…
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