Captivating Kitchen Space

This Clifton Park home was untouched since this family of 8 moved in. Wall paper all over the place, worn in hardwood, small kitchen etc. This family lived. Busy house day in and day out, celebrating birthdays, holidays, everything. Now with grandchildren in the picture, this family needed more space, without expanding outside. Kim and Caroline came in and looked around and decided to take out a load bearing wall that would double the kitchen space. As well as add 3 times the amount of sunlight coming through. It was the best option, a whole house remodel is what this project turned into. New hardwood floors throughout, new cabinets, paint, heating vents, anything you can think of. Refaced the Fireplace and added built in cabinetry to hold the massive amount of books and family portraits.

Baking and watching sports was a top priority in this house. The homeowner was working with a 2×2 movable table to make all the pies for holidays. A larger island within view of the television and seating for people to watch the professional baker was a must.


Check out this before, during and after: