Bathroom Remodel With Custom Cabinets

Bathroom Remodel With Custom Cabinets - Hinman Construction

Theresa’s Bathroom Remodel

Theresa came to us at Hinman Construction looking for a total remodel of her kitchen and bathroom, along with hardwood flooring installed throughout her home. We were more than happy to assist Theresa in the custom design process from discussing ideas and brainstorming different designs, to sitting down together and creating a custom design plan unique for Theresa’s home. Our design plan included choosing colors, textures, fixtures, and cabinets. After browsing through an extensive amount of options, Theresa ultimately chose her cabinets from the Greenfield cabinet brand. We decided that for Theresa’s specific design tastes, interior recessed lighting on her new Greenfield cabinets would give her kitchen a more sleek and modern feel, while having a practical use. With the cabinets Theresa chose from Greenfield and the design plan she chose, we were able to give her bathroom remodel a unique, bright, and fresh look.

From the beautiful, fresh new cabinets from the Greenfield cabinet line, to the hardwood flooring that runs along the new bathroom, we are pleased with the results of Theresa’s bathroom and kitchen remodel, and happy to give Theresa her dream bathroom.

I contracted with Hinman Construction to complete extensive remodeling on my home – new kitchen and bathroom and hardwood flooring installed throughout. Kim was phenomenal in assisting me with design and choice of cabinets, fixtures, and materials. I chose their line of Greenfield cabinets and couldn’t be happier. The cabinetry features and quality are excellent! The final result has resulted in many compliments from neighbors, friends, and family. I would highly recommend this company to anyone planning a construction project. I am also a repeat customer having the Hinmans complete other remodeling for me in 2009.

Theresa B