5 Design Trends to Consider When Renovating your Bathroom

Does your style carry into the privacy of your bathrooms?

With all of the time and effort spent on choosing a layout, colors, and decor for your kitchen, dining, and living rooms, many homeowners are taking a second look at their bathrooms as an extension of the overall style.

Below you will find 5 trends to consider when renovating your bathroom in 2015:

1- Feature Tiles for your Floors and Walls

Colorful and dynamic floor tiles gained popularity in 2014.  Feature floor tiles add style and personality to smaller spaces without taking away usable space and allow for decorative accents when smaller bathrooms do not have a clear wall to feature.   If you are looking to add interest to a neutral space or love color, geometric tiles are an added element that will help you draw attention and add energy to your bathroom, regardless of size.

2- Bring Nature Inside

Want a bathroom that is welcoming and serene? Get inspired from nature to warm a typically very hard room of the house and infuse the space with a calming effect.  Natural woods, stonework, and plant life can be used in various ways to incorporate this trend into your bathroom design.

3- Is Your Master Suite a Retreat?

Is your master bathroom cramped, not particularly inviting and tucked away out of sight? Then you may be more than happy to try this design trend when renovating your home.  A common desire of homeowners is to have a bathroom that is connected to a bedroom, closet, or dressing area.  Some even are experimenting with a more open floor plan with custom vanities and freestanding baths in the bedroom area.

4- Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtubs not only make striking, sculptural design features, but they help set the mood for rest and relaxation as well.  Clients are not just focusing on getting in and out of the bathroom quickly, but rather using this space to create a retreat in their home to increase a much needed place to rest and replenish while escaping the business of everyday life.  It is important to consider the size and shape of your tub design when remodeling your bathroom.  Are you looking to create a sleek, modern feel, or warm, romantic getaway?  Do you have the room for a tub and stand up shower? or do you need to create the space?

5- Custom Vanities

Many people remodeling their bathrooms are looking for specific customization and are having vanities made for them and their needs, rather than purchasing an off the shelf option.  Custom vanities provide plenty of storage and will seam together the new desired look of a bathroom as a focal centerpiece, rather than just a place to put towels.  There are many options today for materials, hardware, lighting, wiring, and smart technology in storage design that can be implemented to make the best use of your space.

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